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Can I visit a hospital or clinic outside my assigned list of network providers?

Certainly you can, if your policy allows reimbursement benefit. Please call MedNet call centre to verify your benefit. If your policy allows reimbursement we would not be able to pay directly to your preferred clinic or Hospital. You shall have to pay upfront and apply for reimbursement. You may a reimbursement form with all the necessary documents. Once the claim is submitted, you shall be refunded for the eligible expenses as per your policy terms and conditions.

What shall I do in case an emergency treatment is required while travelling abroad?

If your plan covers the particular region where you are and require assistance for your treatment. You can call the number behind your MedNet access card i.e. MedNet call centre number available 24 x 7 for assistance required for all in-hospital treatment. In case you require only out patient treatment you shall pay for the same and apply for reimbursement with all the required documents.

How can I avail physiotherapy?

You can avail physiotherapy up to the available number of sessions if referred by your physician on prior authorization basis within the network. If you have reimbursement benefit you could avail physiotherapy on referral by your physician up to the available number of sessions. In this case you shall have to pay upfront and then apply for reimbursement with all the required documents.

Where can I use my card to avail dental benefits?

Dental benefit can be availed at all dental network providers to avail free access using your card. List of Dental network provider's is available in your starter kit / brochure. For further assistance please reach us at our local call center.We are available 24hours 7 days a week round the clock.

Am I covered if treatment is availed at non dental network provider?

Yes you can avail Dental service at Non network provider if this benefit is applicable to your policy. To confirm the benefit you can approach our 24 x 7 helpline