Count on Mednet

Count on Mednet

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As a MedNet member, you have access to high-quality healthcare services, delivered through a network of pre-screened and accredited healthcare providers. And you have access to our full support, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. To get in touch, click here:

Your MedNet card provides you with cashless access to a network of well established and quality-screened hospitals, clinics, laboratories, radiology centres and pharmacies. The card identifies you as eligible for MedNet services and gives our healthcare network providers the basic information about your medical coverage. This is why it is important for our members to carry the card at all times.

Our intensive and interventional services ensure that our members receive the most suitable treatment in the best healthcare setting available within their chosen network. Case management of ongoing treatments ensures that you receive optimum care in line with internationally recognised medical best practices.

In addition, MedNet carries out retrospective analyses of the delivered treatment to ensure its appropriateness and realise improvement potential every time you return for another treatment. Referral management (or ‘2nd opinion’ referrals) helps establish the appropriateness and medical necessity of your planned treatment, while giving you an opportunity to discuss the therapy with a further independent specialist.

It all adds up to greater convenience and peace of mind when it comes to your most precious asset – your health and the health of your family.